The Alliance for Global Climate Declaration joins the call from personalities and climate activists for the Global Climate Strike in September 20 in the fight against global heating.

The climate emergency has already reached intolerable levels. A whole series of extreme events like droughts, water shortage, heat waves, hurricanes, melting of polar ice, glaciers, floods have caused the immense death of life on the planet. Humans, animals and plants are being decimated in increasing numbers. And they are thrown into a dramatic situation of penury, hunger, thirst and impoverishment, which already causes desperate climatic migration, either to other countries or to the large metropolis of several countries.

Along with activists from several countries, we demand that the UN meeting, which will be held in September, will issue a Global Climate Emergency Declaration. And consequently with the urgent need to solve the climatic emergency by taking concrete measures for a carbon-neutral world in 2025.

We denounce that the current goals of postponing the solution to the climate emergency by 2050 represent the organization of the greatest genocide in human history, solely and exclusively to increase the wealth of a small number of people who are already rich and billionaires.

Thousands of people have died in the last few years, and by 2050 this number, with no margin of error, and based on what we can see with our own eyes, and in recent scientific research, can grow to millions and can even lead to extinction of a large part in life on the planet.

Children, students, workers, peasants and indigenous peoples, all together on September 20!