The indigenous people of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have published an important open letter demanding the Declaration of Climate Emergency. It is part of the struggle of the most lucid climate activists, who understand that there is no more time to lose if we want to save life on the planet. The demand of the Declaration of Climate Emergency is already spreading throughout the world, and is part of the struggle of students, as in the United Kingdom and Spain, who defend it as their main demand. We publish the open letter:

Open Letter to Organized Civil Society and Brazilian Governors:

We are the indigenous peoples of various ethnicities of Brazil. We recognise the Climate Emergency created by global overheating, which threatens the very existence of our population – especially the elderly and our children, as well as the poorest in our communities.

Through our representative association (AIAM-Associação Indígena Aldeia Maracanã), we demand that all Brazilian authorities, at federal, state and municipal levels, declare a State of Climate Emergency.

The first objective of this, is to notify to all the population that the climate crisis is an EMERGENCY, because if we do not do something to stop the increase of temperature worldwide immediately, the damage will be irreversible.

It is important to affirm: what makes us, indigenous peoples, stand up on this issue is that our territory, which totals 13% of Brazil, are considered the best preserved land in the country, around 98% of forest conservation, drinking water, and animals. But not only should indigenous lands be preserved, but the entire planet, building a world society that thinks about how we can contribute to a healthy environment. We indigenous people see us connected to the earth as one body, because we understand that without the Mother Earth there is no life and in this sense there is no future for the new generations.

Secondly, and being aware of this situation, the government takes all the necessary emergency measures so that, with our global neighbours of 200 countries, we can solve this crisis that threatens the existence of human civilization itself!

Together we are aware that the future of our children will be threatened if we do not take immediate action. We end this document calling that this is a struggle of all governments and people in defense of life on our planet.

Rio de Janeiro, March 2019.

AIAM – Associação Indígena Aldeia Maracanã (AIAM – Maracanã Village Indigenous Association)

Marize Vieira de Oliveira – Chairwoman